At SANSA-Stack, there are many ways to get help or contribute to the project. The @SANSA-Stack google group forum is the primary channel where all SANSA committers are present. You are also welcome to address issues in our official SANSA-Stack repo.


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Contributing to SANSA

Check out a dedicated guideline on how to contribute to SANSA.


How to cite: The reference publication is “Distributed Semantic Analytics using the SANSA Stack” published at ISWC 2017. Please use this when referring to SANSA as a whole and others for individual aspects of SANSA.

  1. Distributed Semantic Analytics using the SANSA Stack by Jens Lehmann, Gezim Sejdiu, Lorenz Bühmann, Patrick Westphal, Claus Stadler, Ivan Ermilov, Simon Bin, Muhammad Saleem, Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo and Hajira Jabeen in Proceedings of 16th International Semantic Web Conference – Resources Track (ISWC’2017), 2017 [BibTex].
  2. The Tale of Sansa Spark by Ivan Ermilov, Jens Lehmann, Gezim Sejdiu, Lorenz Bühmann, Patrick Westphal, Claus Stadler, Simon Bin, Nilesh Chakraborty, Henning Petzka, Muhammad Saleem, Axel-Cyrille Ngomo Ngonga, and Hajira Jabeen in Proceedings of 16th International Semantic Web Conference, Poster & Demos, 2017 [BibTex].


  1. “Distributed Semantic Analytics using the SANSA Stack” talk by Prof. Dr. Jens Lehmann at ISWC2017.


Mailing Lists

Please subscribe to our discussion @SANSA-Stack.

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Active Developers




In general, please use the discussion @SANSA-Stack for asking questions about SANSA. The developers are subscribed to this forum and will answer your questions as soon as possible.